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One Powerful Hotel Booking API for travel businesses of all sizes - from startups to large enterprises - use GTE to book hotels worldwide.

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GTE's hotel booking api connects travel companies with hundreds of thousands of hotels worldwide.

"stay": {
"checkIn": "2023-06-15",
"checkOut": "2023-06-16"
"occupancies": [
"rooms": 1,
"adults": 2,
"children": 0
"hotelCodes": [
"preferences": {
"currency": "AED",
"guestNationality": "AE",
"timeout": 5000

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GTE gets the best available rates by searching at once from hundreds of connected sourcing channels. Finding the best available deals in seconds.

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We constantly innovate and help our partners improve through sharing with them high value insights extracted from our BI tools.

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GTE's innovative technology is trusted by global travel industry players to power their apps with rich content of travel product.

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Equipped with the best Cloud technology. Our infrastructure scales up automatically with a large demand volume.

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Data is at the heart of the GTE's business processes. We love to share this data intelligence and insights with our partners.